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With the machines and tools, but especially with the large amount of supplies I have at my disposal, I'm able to repair almost all the pipes clients entrusted me with.


Whether it's for a simple service, a refreshment, a refurbishment, a repair or the installation of a new pipe, you can send me your pipes. In order to avoid shipping fees, you can also send me an e-mail, with photos, for a quotation or for any questions regarding the work to be done.


You'll find below the price list for these different types of work.


The work is done quickly and the restored pipe is sent back to you as soon as possible. On invoice payable within 30 days for Swiss residents and by Paypal for international clients. The parcel is sent as soon as the money is received on my account.

The shipping fees for Swiss residents is CHF 9.00 and CHF 19.00 for international clients. The parcel will be sent in Priority and will be taken care of by La Poste, delivered to you against signature. The tracking service is included and its routing number will be sent to you by e-mail.

Don't hesitate to ask me for any work that will allow your beautiful pipes to find a new youth and to bring you pleasure again!

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1. Service = removing soot - polishing

   complete cleaning and disinfection

2. Service - Replace tenon or filter

3. Tighten the tenon

4. Service - New hose

5. Service - New original hose

6. Spout repair

7. Deacidify - Refresh

8. Sand - Repaint

9. Refurbishment  

10. Modification on customer request


18.- to  35.-

25.- to  35.-

  8.-  at  12.-

30.- to  45.-

35.- to  55.-

16.- to  20.-  



30.- to  48.-

According to estimate


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